vrijdag 30 september 2011

The Mission of the Church

What is the essence of the Christian Church? It is the centre of the Gospel – this is the greatest testimony in history:

We preach Christ Jesus, crucified, resurrected, ascended to heaven – and His expected return. He will come soonlike manner the disciples have seen Him go into heaven.

The question is not, ‘Lord, when will this happen?’ or ‘When will that happen?’ The question is, ‘Lord, what do You want us to do?’

‘Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Gost is come upon you; and Ye shall be witnesses unto Me, both in Jerusalem and in all Judeae, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.’ – Acts 1:8

Do you want to know the Lord’s will for the Church? Read the book of Acts – and the New Testament letters. Don’t you realize we are privileged to read words that are written down by normal men who have walked with the Lord? Men who have heard His teachings? Men who have seen His gracious miracles and acts of compassion? Men who have seen Him hanging on a cross? Men who have seen Him three days later resurrected from the dead? Men who have seen Him ascending to heaven? Read your New Testament and you’ll have the truth you need to proclaim concerning Christ and His Church!

We don’t need culture, nor do we need pragmatism. We need the power of the Holy Spirit – and preach the message of the crucified and risen Christ! There simply is no other Gospel. Our preaching and teaching is the Biblical witness about Christ, and Christ alone - there is salvation, only in His Name.

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